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Lighting a fire is only allowed in BBQ and fire pit.

Sort garbage in the provided waste bins

  • Plastic, metal, beverage cartons in blue bags
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Organic waste
  • Glass
  • Residual waste (brown bags)

The landlord is responsible for the final cleaning, but the tenant will leave the holiday accommodation broom clean. This also means: putting everything back in its place, oven and bbq cleaned, fridge and freezer empty and clean. We understand that the last dishwasher was not emptied.

Except for Full House guests:

  • use of kitchen not allowed.
  • peace and quiet between 10:00 PM  and  08:00 AM.
  • pets are not allowed, with exception for assistance (service) dogs.

House rules for pets:

  • clean paws and wipe before entering the house;
  • never allowed in bed- and bathroom, not allowed on the furniture;
  • not be left alone in the Guesthouse;
  • clean up mess;
  • remember to bring leash, bed, bowl & food; the yard is not fenced.

No bicycles in the Guest House, there is a bicycle rack outside the Guesthouse and in the carport. There is a garden hose on the side of the Guest House for cleaning your bike.

Do not charge your electric car, this ‘service’ is not included in the price.

Terms and Conditions


Accomodation to be paid in full upon reservation.

Bank transfer to De Kleine Mote, IBAN   BE65 0689 3687 1796 BIC GKCCBEBB.


If you have to cancel your visit:

  • up to two weeks before arrival: free of charge, full amount is immediaely refunded;
  • up to 48 hours before arrival: half of the amount will be refunded;
  • later than 48 hours before arrival or no show: no refund.

If we have to cancel your visit:

Full refund to the bank account used when booking. You waive all other claims, there’s no other compensation.


Our rates may vary by season. High season runs from March, 15th till the end of September plus Christmas holidays.


Free broadband Wifi available. Also, each room is equipped with sockets for ethernet RJ45 plug-in.

Wifi password is on display in breakfast/sitting area.


In order to respect other guests, we can’t allow parties. We request peace and quiet between 11:00 PM  and  06:00 AM.

As the comfort of other guests is not at risk, the Play Barn can be hired in the Full House formula (where all three rooms are rented by one guest group for at least 2 nights).

Use of the kitchen?

The kitchen is fully equipped: stove with range and oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer, sink with running hot and cold water, dishwasher, countertop and utensils. There is a BBQ.

Full House guests have, of course, full use of the kitchen and the sitting area.

In order to respect other guests, we can’t allow B&B guests to use the kitchen. Exceptionally, on the rare occasion that there are no other guests, our B&B guest can request the use of kitchen & sitting area. An additional charge applies for this service.

Extra bed?

We can’t provide extra beds in the Guesthouse but we do have our Retro-caravan Château, built in 1977. It is in original condition and offers a sleeping place for two people (bed 125 x 195 cm) with basic comfort. The caravan does not offer any sanitary facilities and can only be rented by a guest for additional sleeping place.


All amenities on the groundfloor. Still, the few steps to get into the guesthouse are inconvenient for wheelchairs.


Please let us know, at the time of your reservation, if there any dietary restrictions we should be aware of.


There is an ATM in the KBC branch Polenlaan 6, Kemmel.



Brood- en banketbakkerij Pauwelyn – Verschelde

Daily fresh bread, rolls & sandwiches, viennoiserie, cakes, … all prepared the traditional way.

Large assortment in the shop and in the vending machine 24/7; also foodstuffs such as cheese, ham, jam.

Webshop orders: order at least 12 hours in advance and pay via Bancontact.


Full range in Ypres or Armentières (Fr) and local convenience grocery store

Supermarket Polka

Kemmelstraat 34 Kemmel +32 (0) 57 44 45 78

Bread and pastry. Meat, cold cuts, grocery, fruit and vegetables, dairy, cheese, eggs, refrigerated and frozen products, soft drinks and beers.

In summer season: homemade fresh soups, cold dishes, pastas.

Farm shops

Hoevewinkel Coppein Filip en Els

Kemmelseweg 76, Voormezele +32 473 13 24 86

Cozy farm shop with potatoes, eggs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, home-grown pumpkin & butternut.

Fresh dairy without preservatives and color additive direct from a fellow farmer-dairy processor: cheeses, butter, buttermilk, yogurt, ice cream in various flavors (180 ml jars or liter boxes) and chocolate mousse.

Also jams, fruit juices, honey and honey cakes, vinaigrettes, farm pâté…

‘t Kapelhof

‘t Kapelhof

Zuidlindestraat 9, 8950 Nieuwkerke +32 57 44 43 68

Specialty mushrooms: Oyster mushrooms and shii-takes. Also potatoes and onions for sale and in May – June, sweet strawberries.


55, Rue de Berthen 59270 Saint-Jans Cappel +33 (0)3 28 41 01 01

Dairy products made on site, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and regional products.

Weekly markets

In Heuvelland:

  • Tuesday morning: Nieuwkerke
  • Tuesday afternoon: Westouter

In France:

In Belle or Bailleul (Fr. 10 km) there is a market every Tuesday.

From 8 am to 1 pm on the Place Achille Liénart (80 stalls: food, fish, organic, local products, drinks, crafts, bazar, clothing, flowers, books).

And from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Parvis de la gare (10 stalls: food, local products, organic).

In Armentières (Fr. 13 km) there is a market every Friday (Place du Général de Gaulle) and every Sunday (Place Chanzy; 12 stalls of food & drink) from 8 am to 1 pm.


Find all pubs and restaurants here.


Most restaurants offer take-away.

Home delivery

Vinke offers home delivery, with or without service.

Cooking workshop at home

Katrien organizes tailor-made cooking workshop, at home. Pure cuisine, mediterranean dishes with seasonal vegetables and regional products.


Canadaweg 14 8970 Poperinge +32 (0)478 58 62 06

WIFI password?

The WIFI password is posted in the Breakfast – & sitting room.

Medical care

Emergency numbers?

General         112

Police             101

Fire Department        112

Medical          112

Anti Poison Center +32 (0)70 24 52 45

Doctor ( general practitioners)?

  • GP on Duty

During the weekend (from Friday 7 pm to Monday 8 am) and on public holidays, the GP on duty can be reached via the central telephone number: 1733 (postal code Dranouter is 8951).

The GP on duty post is located at 10 Briekestraat, Ypres (entrance main entrance Jan Yperman Hospital).

Always call in advance; the operator will determine what needs to be done (patient comes to the doctor, doctor comes to patient or an ambulance is sent).

  • Dranouter

Leroy Marc, Dikkebusstraat 228 +32 (0)57 44 57 24

  • Nieuwkerke

Cornette Guy, Nieuwkerkestraat 29 +32 (0)57 44 56 66

  • Wijtschate

Denys Benoit, Stofferis Laurens, Vanslembrouck Thibaut, Ieperstraat 139 +32 (0)57 44 66 00

  • Westouter

Dierickx Ward, Dierickx Roel, Bellestraat 13A +32 (0)57 44 53 42

Emergency Admission?

Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis, Briekestraat 12, 8900 Ieper

+32 (0) 57 35 60 00


To know which pharmacy is on duty, call 0903 99 000

You will be asked to provide your name, address and telephone number. That way the service can determine the nearest pharmacy on duty.

A call costs 1.50 euros per minute and takes on average 2 minutes.

  • Kemmel

Apotheek CLAIVER, Kemmelstraat 39 +32 (0)57 44 52 72

  • Nieuwkerke

Apotheek VAN NIEUWKERKE, Markt 37 +32 (0)57 44 49 35

  • Wijtschate

Apotheek DIEUSAERT PATTOU, Ieperstraat 115 +32 (0) 57 44 47 68


There is an organized emergency service: 0903 39969

Strictely limited to emergency treatment to combat urgent pain or aggravation of an emergency situation. The interventions are NOT free.

Only available on weekends and public holidays and bank holidays, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. hour.

Call: 1.5 euros per minute

Distances from De Kleine Mote?

FAQ: Picon Maison recipe?

Picon is just about the most popular aperitif on “de schreve”.

The bitter liquor is distilled in Marseille. It was invented by Gaétan Picon, who during his service with the French army in Algeria sought a medicine against malaria. Why Amer Picon is especially loved in the north is a mystery.

Picon is made from orange peel, yellow gentian and the bark of the cinchona tree. It has a bittersweet taste and a slightly spicy bouquet. It is drunk pure as well as mixed with beer (the lighter Picon Bière) or white wine (the Picon Club).

You can buy a ready-made product (Picon Orange or Citron), but the really tasty Picon is one you mix yourself. The trick is to find the right balance between bitter and sweet. Everyone has their own recipe; ingredients are Picon Amer, syrup (cassis or grenadine or lemon), white wine (dry muscadet), liquor (Grand Marnier, Tripple sec, Cointreau, Curaçoa, …), a secret extra and time (let it rest for a week).

Our not so secret recipe for Picon Vin Blanc (5 bottles of 75 cl)

1 bottle of Picon Club 1 liter

3 bottles of 75 cl dry white wine

20 ml essence curaçao brun de hollande

400 ml alcohol 90°

200 gr sugar

450 ml of water

100 ml of grenadine syrup

Take a measuring cup (> 1 liter) to dissolve the 20 ml essence and 100 ml grenadine syrup in the 400 ml alcohol. Gently heat 450 ml of water and dissolve 200 g of sugar in it. Mix this sugar water with the alcohol mixture in a measuring cup and let it cool. Take 5 empty 75 cl bottles with screw cap and pour 200 ml Picon in each bottle, pour 200 ml alcohol mixture in each bottle, fill the bottles with the white wine.

Let it rest for at least 1 week, keep cool, shake before use, serve cool with ice cube.

Reviews & feedback?

We love to get feedback. When we get good feedback, we feel proud, and we want everyone to know about it. When we get negative feedback, we want to know about it, as it helps us improve our services.

“If you’re not happy tell us, if you’re happy tell others!”

On the Reviews page there is a form to share your experience. Also, you can find out what other visitors are saying about the Kleine Mote.